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04 Jul 2024

Stainless steel chimneys for the sauna: selection and advantages

A good quality sauna requires special equipment that will ensure that both your body and your soul experience the best emotions during the spa. Don't skimp when choosing equipment. Remember that it is bought for many years, and having any sauna is better than none. In order to feel the real pleasures, possibilities and advantages of a sauna, you need to install a sauna according to the recommendations of specialists.

One of the most important components is chimneys. Stainless steel chimneys for saunas are a popular choice. Valued for its durability, corrosion resistance and easy cleaning. They are also efficient conductors of heat, so they can help keep your sauna warm for long periods of time, even after the heating has stopped.

Choosing a stainless steel chimney

When choosing a stainless steel chimney for a sauna, several nuances should be considered.

● What chimney diameter is required? The diameter of the chimney must correspond to the size of your sauna stove. When choosing, be sure to estimate the dimensions in centimeters.

● The thickness of the stack must also be evaluated. The thickness of the chimney must be sufficient to withstand the heat "coming" from your sauna stove.

● What is its required length? The length of the chimney should be such that it protrudes above the roof.

● Finally, what type of chimney is most suitable? There are several different types of stainless steel chimneys. They can be single wall, double wall, fireplace, etc.

If it is very difficult to choose yourself, because you want to find one that fits perfectly, but it seems that you need to evaluate too many parameters - you can always consult with our specialists. We will answer questions, provide recommendations and the like. We hope that this will help you find a price that will suit a particular stove and sauna down to the smallest detail.

Chimney installation works

Chimneys for saunas are not demanding, they are installed quite quickly. However, it is best to leave the work to those who know it, so they will guarantee efficiency and speed, which are usually no less important for the customer.


The essential rules that must be followed when installing a chimney are:

● Hire a qualified professional to install the chimney. Be sure to sign performance guarantees, hire only legally working individuals or companies.

● Before installation - read the manufacturer's instructions carefully.

● Regularly clean and maintain the chimney. It is not difficult. The most important thing is constant attention. This will ensure the longevity and smooth operation of the chimney.

● Check the chimney every year for holes or other damage. If there are, it is also best not to try to manage them yourself if you do not have practice. Because there is so much advice on the internet, some people think that they can fix their chimney problems just by relying on theoretical knowledge. Of course you can try. However, it should be understood that such attempts are not always successful.

With proper maintenance, a stainless steel chimney will last for many years.

Advantages of a stainless steel chimney

Stainless steel chimneys have several advantages. It is not for nothing that this type of chimney is the most popular for saunas.

• Durability. Stainless steel is a durable metal that is highly resistant to heat, corrosion and other environmental factors.

● Corrosion resistance. Stainless steel is corrosion resistant, so it is unlikely to rust.

● Easy cleaning. These chimneys are easy to clean. Just use soapy water and a brush.

● Effective thermal conductivity. Stainless steel is an efficient conductor of heat, so it can help keep your sauna warm.

● Aesthetics. Steel chimneys have a modern and stylish look that can add more appeal to a sauna. Chimneys are offered in different colors, which will allow them to be combined with the facade of the sauna.

Lithuanians are increasingly enjoying their own saunas, which help them take proper care of their health. And it's good that you can take care of yourself while relaxing, enjoying the moment and enjoying the beautiful skin of your body.

09 Jun 2024

Electric stoves are necessary for the sauna

Electric sauna stoves are the perfect choice not only for saunas themselves, but also for houses and farms. They are convenient, easy to install and do not require special ventilation. An important advantage is that they save energy and are environmentally friendly.

Sauna electric stoves are very diverse. So, you need to choose according to the parameters of your sauna, of course, and personal expectations.

Choosing an electric stove 

When choosing electric stoves, it is necessary to pay as much attention as possible to their parameters. Also, be sure to be interested in innovation. Often, modern stoves, like any other sauna equipment, will be more expensive, but the advantage is that their capabilities are much greater, so at the same time, you will be happy and have a better bathing experience.

● The size of the sauna. The stove must be powerful enough to heat your sauna. Never buy an underpowered oven. You will definitely regret it. It is already better to buy a more powerful one, which seems to have a "power reserve".

● Desired temperature. Some ovens can reach higher temperatures than others. Again, even if it appears to be reaching very high temperatures, it is better to have a reserve as well.

● Features. Some ovens have additional features such as an integrated steam generator or a remote control. More innovative stoves are more expensive, but they can ensure that the use of the stove will be simpler, more convenient and at the same time with more possibilities.

● Price. The prices of electric sauna stoves can vary from several hundred to several thousand euros. You can save by following promotions.

You can find electric stoves here.

Use of an electric stove

Using electric ovens is very easy. They work by themselves. The key is minimal maintenance that will ensure your stove performs perfectly.

● Before using for the first time, be sure to read the operating instructions of the oven. In it, the manufacturer presents in detail the most important types of use of the stove, possibilities and other parameters that you should know.

● Make sure the oven is plugged into the correct electrical outlet. Make sure that the electrical wiring in the sauna is of good quality.

● Do not pour water on hot stones. Under no circumstances should you do this when the electric stove is nearby.

● Clean the stove and stones regularly. Neither equipment nor stones are demanding. However, to maintain functionality, you need to clean it regularly. Plain water is also perfect for this. It is possible, of course, to purchase chemistry adapted for this purpose.

● Do not use the oven if it is damaged. Many defects can be fixed, so look for a handyman, not a new stove.

Noteworthy models

We will discuss several models of electric stoves that are really worthy of attention and recognized by customers as one of the best.


Electric sauna stove - Tulikivi Huurre. The combination of colors and design is perfect for both dark and light sauna interiors. The large amount of stones gives off a long, moist and gentle heat. Protective distances allow the stove to be installed in beds, thus expanding the installation possibilities in the sauna room.

Electric sauna heater HELO HIMALAYA BWT ELITE FREE. The new sauna stove hides a water tank with the ingenious BWT technology, which humidifies the sauna cabin while the stove is heating the sauna. Therefore, when you get on the sunbeds, the air is already pleasantly humid, and you feel rich warmth on your skin.

Electric sauna stove MONDEX KYMI M. It is a wall-mounted stove with clear lines. The stylish perforated steel shell and 30 kg of stones give every sauna user the opportunity to bathe in a variety of ways from toes to the ceiling.

A reliable electric stove can significantly improve your sauna experience. Don't save for her. Both in choosing time and in purchasing money. A good stove will last a very long time, so it will pay off in full.

21 May 2024

Accessories for saunas: what do you need?

Do you want to make the most of the sauna and feel only the best experiences while in it? Then you need to pay attention to the details. Of course, a properly equipped sauna is the essence, but if small details are coordinated in it, you can use the sauna to the maximum

Accessories for saunas are intended not only for beauty, but also for improving functionality. What else does your sauna need?

Sauna stones

The sauna stones are placed on the stove and heated. They generate steam when water is poured on them. There are different types of sauna stones: granite, slate and basalt. It is true that the stones are not only intended to give the bathing process more functionality, but also attractiveness. Even if the stones will not be used much during the "cooking" of steam, it will decorate the sauna - really a lot. For many, it is one of the most important decorations of the sauna, which seems to give meaning to the rituals performed here


SAWO SAUNA LADLE 68M, CEDARLadles are used to pour water onto the sauna stones and create steam. Ladles are often made of wood or plastic. It can be a great gift for a bath. Choose engraved ladles or get plain ones and engrave them with words that will only be meaningful to the recipient.


Swabs are used to beat and massage the body in the sauna. They are often made from birch branches or eucalyptus leaves. Again, this is not only a functional, even necessary attribute of the sauna, but also a tasteful decoration. Some buy shingles not only for whipping, but also for hanging on the wall. You can soak the shingles in essential oils, which will emit a pleasant aroma from the heat.

Sauna hats

Sauna hats are worn on the head to protect the hair and scalp from the heat. This is one of the most important attributes during bathing. Some wear it just for beauty, but the far more important benefit is protection. They are often made of wool or felt.

Sauna thermometers

Sauna thermometers are used to measure the temperature in the sauna. It is important to make sure that the temperature of the sauna is safe. Choose ones that not only show the intensity of the heat, but also decorate the environment. Even several thermometers can be combined when creating interior decor.


Hourglasses are used to keep track of time in the sauna. Most commonly used are 15 or 30 minutes. It is known that time can be measured with many different devices. This may lead one to wonder why such an ancient calculation methodology is chosen. Precisely because it is archaic. And where is the most tasteful presentation of the watch. With it, the environment will be much more magical. Again, this can be a great gift for a bather.

Sauna lighting

Sauna lighting is used to create the atmosphere of the room. It is important to choose lighting that is neither too bright nor too dark. Neutrality, simplicity, and coziness are usually sought in the sauna. It is created by properly selected, not too bright and aggressive lighting.

Sauna gloves

We offer special sauna gloves to protect your hands. They are made of felt, which fits nicely against the skin. It not only warms them, but also moisturizes them.

Pouring tubs

Hot tubs and tubs are made of natural materials that decorate and provide comfort and at the same time provide an opportunity to cool off after hot steam by pouring cooler water on yourself. Such a contrast is very useful for the human body, it strengthens the immune system.

Accessories for saunas can be bought for yourself or as a gift. As a gift, it is the perfect sign to a loved one that they are well known. Most of the time, there is no better gift for a sauna enthusiast than one that is related to the sauna. And believe me - the sauna attracts you and you usually don't let go.

31 Aug 2021

Sauna installation - with us the it will be easier

Sauna installation - with us the installation process of your dream sauna will be much more effortless and easier


The sauna became an integral part of the life of many Lithuanians. People started installing saunas in their homesteads and homes more and more frequently. These days, the sauna is not only a way of entertainment, but also an effective way to promote health. However, installing a sauna is not a very easy task. If you are planning to install a sauna and do not have experience, below you will find some useful advice that should help you estimate the costs of sauna installation.


How much does it cost to install a sauna?

That is probably the first question that arises when a customer starts planning to build the sauna. Surely, each sauna is different, as are the needs of future users. The size of the sauna might seem to be the  biggest factor determining the price of the sauna. However, it is not the only factor on which the price of installation may depend. The cost of a sauna of the same size can vary greatly and this will mainly be influenced by the variety of options used. In order to estimate the preliminary cost of your sauna, first make a list of your preferences and then it will become easier to calculate the cost.


Indoor interior

We recommend choosing high-quality and durable wood for interior decoration as it will ensure a long service life of the sauna. If you wish the siding and benches used for the interior of the sauna to remain in excellent condition for as long as possible, choose first class wood. Of course, top quality wood saunas will cost much more, but it is worth  investing more in order to be able to enjoy longer service life of your sauna.


Sauna ventilation system

Proper ventilation system is a must in every sauna. The range of sauna fans on the market is very wide, so you will easily find the option that suits your needs. In the product range provided by our company you will find various models of fans, ventilation pipes, ducts, diffusers and finishing grilles. Therefore, if you wish to bask safely, the ventilation system of the sauna must work flawlessly. The air moving into and out of the sauna has to change at least 10 times per hour. Well ventilated sauna will ensure good air quality inside and a pleasant basking process.


Sauna stove

Probably everyone knows that the most important element of the sauna is a sauna heater. Both wood-burning and electric stoves can be used in the sauna. As both types of stoves have their own advantages, it would be wise to evaluate your budget and specific expectations before deciding which sauna heater to choose.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if it is difficult for you to choose the right sauna equipment. We will assess your needs and will prepare the most optimal offer.


31 Aug 2021

Sauna ventilation: its importance and principle of operation

A sauna heater and sauna ventilation are two main components in the sauna, so these are first things you will need to figure out if you are planning to install your own sauna. Both are necessary for the installation of a quality sauna. If you have already chosen a sauna heater, you will have to ensure that your sauna is well ventilated. There are few important things to know about installing a well ventilated sauna.

Advantages of sauna ventilation

First of all, it is very important to understand that if the sauna room is not ventilated, or not well ventilated, it is not only unpleasant, but also dangerous to your health. In the absence of oxygen, dizziness will occur. That is why you have to make sure that your ventilation is properly installed. Surely, this is not the least reason to have a well ventilated sauna.

Moreover, when the sauna is not in use, well installed ventilation will help to ensure that it is supplied with fresh air and remains dry. When the sauna is heated (regardless of whether a wood-burning or electric sauna heater is used), a proper ventilation system helps to supply the sauna heater with the oxygen needed for good wood burning (if a wood-burning stove is used) and convection (if the sauna has an electric stove).

Similarly, by supplying oxygen in the process of basking, well installed ventilation helps to remove sweat from the air also, this ensures easiness of breath. In addition, when basking is over, it helps to remove moisture and dry the wood faster and more efficiently. Thus, it is obvious that sauna ventilation is necessary for every sauna.

Operation of sauna ventilation

Hot air goes up as it is lighter than cold air, so when the temperature becomes very high, there is also a much larger difference in air weight and then the air flow starts to move more strongly (air movement inside the sauna, to the sauna and from the sauna).

Air circulates in a circle inside the sauna. First the air rises from the sauna heater, then it gives off heat, starts to descend on the other side of the sauna, returns to the sauna heater and warms up again. The air moving into and out of the sauna has to change at least 10 times per hour. It is therefore important to ensure that the air supply and vents are installed on different sides of the sauna. In such cases, care is usually taken to ensure that fresh air enters the room through a vent above the stove located approximately 10 cm from the ceiling so then the cooled air is extracted from the sauna room on the opposite side of the sauna where vents are installed to the floor. This helps to ensure efficient and smooth ventilation of the sauna room.

If you are having any questions about sauna ventilation and wondering what you should choose to ensure your sauna is well ventilated, we suggest you contact us and we will help you make the right choice.

31 Aug 2021

Selecting lights for your sauna - how to choose correctly

With decent  lighting you will be able to create a more cozy and soothing atmosphere and at the same time ensure greater safety. Nowadays there are numerous options for lighting the sauna, so it can be difficult to make decisions. Here are some tips on how to make the process of selecting a design for your sauna lighting wiser.


Which lighting to choose?

What is considered to be a better choice for sauna lighting: atmospheric or more brightly lit? In this case, you will be the judge as it all depends on your preference. While listening to advice might always be worth doing, the final decision will have to be yours, as it is going to be your sacred place and only you know what brightness of lighting would suit your needs the best.

However, there are some basic rules to help you determine how much light might be needed for your sauna. Lighting is an important element that can affect the mood, however, safety comes first, so it is always necessary to comply with the established requirements for a certain amount of light. Moreover, the need and amount of light can directly depend on the people bathing in the sauna - it may not only be the matter of taste. As an example, a 60 year old person needs twice as much light to see as good as a 20 year old person. Probably,  the most convenient solution in this case will be to install a dimmer. This way, every person basking in the sauna will have the opportunity to adjust the brightness of the light according to their needs.


Interior lighting is a final touch to the design of sauna

The arrangement of lights in the sauna is a very important factor that determines the atmosphere in the sauna. The basic rule is to illuminate the sauna, not the people basking. Light in the sauna can be brought in many ways. Therefore, it is useful to consider whether you feel more comfortable when the light is coming from the ceiling or from under the benches? Or perhaps you prefer a combination of these two solutions? Would the spot light or indirect evenly distributed luminaires suit your needs the best?

There may be places in the sauna that are worth lighting only for the sake of safety and convenience. Such places are stairs, benches, water tanks, measuring meters, etc. The choice of lighting is also influenced by the colors cohen for the interior. For example, if the same luminaires are installed in a light or dark sauna, white light might feel too light and darker light may appear too dim.


LED lights or fiber optic lights?

Safety requirements must be taken into account when designing your sauna lighting. These days, the most popular lighting technologies are LED and fiber optic lights, as well as their various combinations. Lighting elements must be chosen thoroughly and thoughtfully so that the chosen lights correspond to the electrical installation of the sauna.

Fiber optic lighting can be designed without restrictions for the place as there is no electricity in the optical fibers themselves. Meanwhile, the installation of LED lighting is limited, especially since there are places where LED luminaires must not be installed at all, as an example, around a sauna heater. LED luminaires should be at least 50 cm away from the sauna heater in both directions. Stove lighting can only be designed using fiber optic lights.

By properly installing the lighting in your sauna, you will ensure greater safety standards, increase the functionality of the sauna, create a more comfortable environment which will help you enjoy the pleasures provided by the sauna.

31 Aug 2021

Wood-burning sauna stoves: a traditional and noteworthy choice

It has been known that sauna was used by people for several thousand years and its positive effects on human health are unquestionable. Historical sources show that people could have been using the sauna even in much earlier times than 7000 years BC. This extremely popular way of spending leisure time is deeply rooted in the culture of many countries.

While in the modern times, many consumers opt for solutions based on modern technology for sauna installation, still, no one can replace a wood-burning sauna stove. After all, such a stove is probably the most reminiscent and brings up the atmosphere prevailing in the old baths. And this is not only due to the heat iself, but also due to the crackling of firewood, the glowing fire, the special smell of burning wood, which allows us to enjoy such a unique and ancient sauna-like environment. The heat emitted by the wood-burning sauna stove is very soft and pleasant, has a soothing effect and helps to create a unique sauna atmosphere.


Advantages of a wood-burning sauna stove


In order to help you decide, we would like to introduce you with some of the many advantages wood-burning sauna stoves provide.


No electricity required


First of all, the wood-burning sauna stoves do not require any electricity. For this reason, it makes the installation process much easier, as you can choose almost any place you want to install your wood burning sauna stove - even where there is no electricity. In addition, the stove will also not require any heating elements that might otherwise wear out and would eventually need to be replaced. And although wood might not be the cheapest option, by choosing a wood-burning sauna heater you will not need to pay increased electricity bills, and the sauna will continue to operate continuously even if the electric power is lost.


Significant health benefits


In a traditional sauna, such as one with a wood-burning sauna heater, the prevailing temperature is much higher and the humidity level is much lower (almost 30%) compared to steam baths, where the humidity level is 100%. In addition, in such a sauna blood circulation is improved significantly and similarly tension and stress is reduced at a higher rate. The body and skin are effectively cleansed while sweating through open skin pores during basking. This helps the body to recover in a much more quick manner. However, different types of saunas have different specific advantages, so the choice is up to you.


Creates great atmosphere for communication and relaxation


A traditional and nostalgic environment can be easily achieved, especially when a wood-burning sauna stove is used to heat the sauna. If you prefer to bask in the sauna with a larger group of people or if it is an integral part of various celebrations or gatherings of family and friends, the use of a wood-burning sauna stove could be a perfect choice for you. The bursting of burning firewood, the soothing flame of fire and the unmistakably pleasant smells altogether create a special atmosphere that relaxes, enchants and is perfect for the time we spend socializing with family and friends.

31 Aug 2021

Various types of wood used for building sauna

In Lithuania, the main building material used for the construction and installation of saunas is wood. The preference of wooden saunas is due to its ecological and environmentally friendly solutions. The saunas are built using special types of wood in preference to its provided high temperatures and high humidity levels. This ensures a longer service life of the sauna and increases the pleasure of basking in the sauna.


Wood types used for the construction of the sauna


Wooden saunas are generally constructed from frames or logs.

     • Frame saunas. When building a frame sauna, you can choose a variety of wood for its frame, both deciduous and coniferous tree woods. However, it is important to know that the birch wood is not recommended to choose for the construction of a frame sauna. The life span of birch wood is relatively short because of its faster rotting time, so usually it is not recommended to be used in building saunas. Therefore, it is necessary to install finishing in frame saunas as beams, thermal insulation materials and siding boards are used in building the construction of a frame sauna.

Log cabin sauna. For the construction of a log sauna pine tree wood is the most commonly used log type, however, many consumers also prefer to use spruce wood. In addition to the use of natural logs, milled or turned logs can also be used to build a log sauna (in some cases, glued wood logs are also used). Finishing is usually preferred and installed inside a log sauna (although some users choose to opt out), however, finishing is usually not applied for the exterior.


Wood preference for the interior of the sauna


Linden, aspen or black alder wood is most commonly used for bathing beds and walls installed inside the sauna. Although the prices of these types of wood on the market are quite similar, as in many other cases, they are primarily determined by the quality of the wood. For example, first class linden wood is much more expensive than black alder wood.


Linden paneling. It is considered to be one of the most popular and best choices for sauna construction. Linden tree siding is tar-free, has a pleasant smell and has a low conductive heat. Linden tree wood is also resistant to moisture - the wood does not get darker for a longer time compared to other wood types used for paneling in sauna construction. This wood is perfect for saunas with preference of high temperatures and high humidity, such as steam baths.

Cedar siding. It has a low thermal conductivity (less than spruce or aspen). However, as cedar is not widespread, cedar pine sawn timber is more available on the market.

Pine siding. This type of siding is inexpensive, however, pine is not suitable for construction of steam baths as this wood gets extremely hot. Therefore, if you like pine, you can use pine siding for the hallway or other sauna rooms where the heat does not reach high levels.

Aspen paneling. Paneling boards made of this wood are resistant to rotting process and are partly similar to the already mentioned linden wood cladding boards for saunas, so both can actually be one of the easily accessible options.


Moreover, it is worth mentioning wood from Africa and Canada used for the construction of saunas, which is also offered and available on the Lithuanian market and can be selected for the construction and installation of saunas:

Wood from Africa: abachi wood is porous and also does not become hot immediately, however, its price is higher if compared to the price of wooden boards from linden tree loungers.

Wood from Canada: If the high price is not intimidating, then Canadian red cedar could be a perfect choice. It has particularly good heating properties, a very beautiful aesthetic appearance and releases a great scent. Red cedar is perfect both for installation of sauna beds and the whole interior itself.



The wood you decide to choose for your sauna depends entirely on the type of sauna you are installing, your budget and the planned interior solutions.

07 May 2019

Sauna hats - a necessary headgear while basking in the sauna
Many of us are well acquainted with the health and well-being benefits of a sauna, however, probably not everyone knows why it is necessary to wear a sauna hat while basking.

Why is it necessary to wear a special sauna hat?
The most important purpose of a sauna hat is to provide protection for your head and hair from high temperatures during the basking process in the sauna. The difference between basking in the sauna with and without a hat is huge.
There is a considerably high temperature in the sauna, which affects the head the most during basking. Hot steam and the prevailing heat in the sauna rise up faster, so the head heats up much faster than the rest of the body - especially if a person is sitting or standing in the sauna.
Our head is the most sensitive to the heat of the sauna, so basking in the sauna without a sauna hat is considered to be quite dangerous. Exposure to heat can cause a sudden rise in blood pressure, dizziness, drowsiness and weakness, it can also cause respiratory problems, severe dryness and breakage of hair, and the opening and even rupture of capillaries on the skull skin.
All these negative effects can significantly worsen the experience of basking in the sauna. However, if your head is covered with a wool felt sauna hat, it will be protected and you will be able to enjoy the healing effects of the sauna for a longer period of time. Therefore, it is very important to understand that a sauna hat is not only a beautiful accessory, but also a necessary wear which protects our health and enables us to relax and enjoy the pleasures of the sauna.

Which materials are considered to be the best for sauna hats?
What is the best option? Certainly wool felt hats! Sheep wool carries excellent thermoregulatory properties, that is why most of the sauna hats are made of 100% pure wool. A felt hat is a wonderful insulator from both cold and heat, which means that the air under such a hat (around the head of the person wearing it) remains at the same temperature.
If you wear a hat made of felt wool or just wool while basking, it protects the hair from heat, helps maintain the optimal temperature in the area of the head and allows you to stay in the sauna for a longer period of time without any adverse health effects and without feeling any discomfort.

How to properly care for a sauna hat?
The care instructions for sauna hats are not complicated. The most important thing is to know how to care for wool. In order to wash it properly, use a mild detergent or soap suitable for wool. The best results will be reached if sauna hats are washed by hands or in a washing machine setting the wool fabric washing mode.
If there are any additional accessories attached to the sauna hat, it would be best if you could remove them before washing. When you have finished washing the hat, be sure to shape it to restore its original shape. If you chose to wash your sauna hat by hand, rinse it well with water of the same temperature. However, if your sauna hat needs special care, this should be written on the hat label - otherwise it will be very easy to keep them clean.

To sum up
Just buy a sauna hat and you will see how it will immediately become an integral part of a safe basking process in the sauna. It will not only help you feel the real pleasure of warming up in the sauna, but will also protect your health and make you feel much more comfortable.

07 May 2019

Sauna accessories- tips on what to choose
By choosing quality sauna accessories you will ensure that warming up in the sauna provides you real pleasure and at the same time will make you feel safe and comfortable. So if you are looking for solutions regarding this topic, information below will help you decide what are the most important sauna accessories you should consider buying.

Sauna hat selection
Wearing a sauna hat is an integral part of the whole basking process. A sauna hat is not just a very stylish or beautiful accessory. It is by all means providing you with the necessary protection. Since the heat in the sauna affects the human body and head at the most, it must be protected. 

While basking, a sauna hat helps to maintain the optimal temperature in the area of the head and prevents it from overheating, so it makes it possible to stay in the sauna for a longer period of time without risking your health. Hats made of materials like wool felt and linen / cotton are considered to be the two best options to choose. Hats made of these materials will make you feel good and provide excellent insulation.

Bathing towels and seat covers
Other two items to ensure a better experience while basking in the sauna are bath towels and seat covers. These two sauna accessories perform three main functions. First of all, by using them you will maintain the necessary hygiene in the sauna. Moreover, they will also protect the sauna surface from body fluids which are released during basking and it might similarly protect the skin from the burns that can be caused by the hot surface of the sauna beds. In addition, the materials they are made of are soft and comfortable, which will definitely help you to relax in peace.

Bath towels are usually made of materials like cotton and linen which absorb moisture well, insulate and are very soft and pleasant. To increase your comfort, you can also choose a seat cover that is made of wool. If you like to lie down while basking in the sauna, you will also find a pillow and a headrest even more comforting.

Aromatherapy in sauna
Basking in the sauna has many benefits to our health and well-being. Moreover, the benefits of warming up in a sauna can even be further enhanced with the help of aromatherapy, which will increase the pleasure of basking and will also facilitate relaxation.
The beneficial and healing properties of aromatherapy have been recognized around the world for thousands of years. The results of many studies have shown that the evaporation of essential oils can reduce stress and depression, naturally alleviate the physical pain experienced and improve sleep quality. Therefore, using essential oils and fragrant essences during the hot bath can improve your general health and well-being.

Certainly, these are not the only sauna accessories that might be considered to be used in a heated sauna. Bathing birches, sauna brushes, sauna buckets and scoops and other sauna products might also help you enrich your bathing experience and encourage you to enjoy the sauna even more.

07 May 2019

Sauna stones - everything you need to know about them

Installing the sauna and choosing the right sauna heater are the inevitables, however, there are still a few things left to implement, so you could fully enjoy the real pleasures of the sauna. One of the things to consider is definitely related to the right choice of sauna stones. Since sauna stones can have a direct impact on the efficiency of the sauna itself, it is very important to know how to distinguish the appropriate sauna stones, how to arrange and change them.


Different types of sauna stones


Do you know what to look for in the first place when choosing sauna stones for your sauna heater? There are few important things to consider. Sauna stones must have a very good heat storage and heat transfer properties. Likewise, the stones should not crack from water and heat. Fortunately, consumers are offered a very wide range of sauna stones with the properties mentioned above as the market for sauna products is highly available these days.


     Talc chlorite or otherwise known as a soapstone. This stone is widely used for sauna stoves as it is considered to be one of the most appropriate choices for sauna stones. Soapstone has a high density, is heavy and has a heterogeneous structure, this enables it to store a lot of heat, conducts it perfectly and gives off the accumulated heat for a very long time. Likewise, the talc chlorite stone stimulates a gentle steam.

     Vulcanite. This is another popular choice of stones used for sauna heaters. Vulcanite is very durable, long-lasting, and has particularly good heat storage and transfer properties. In addition, the price of this sauna stone is considerably affordable.

     Gabbro Diabase. It is a very hard and high-density stone with a solid structure, it heats evenly, it accumulates and gives off the accumulated heat very well, has a long service life and what is most important,  does not emit any substances during the heating process.

        Jadeite. It is one of the most beautiful stones, which, among the other things, is very expensive. This greenish stone creates a light, gentle and gradually increasing steam. It is able to retain heat for a long time, does not crumble and does not crack. Another important property of this stone is that it ionizes the air.

        White quartzite. Due to its resistance to very sudden and large temperature changes this stone is perfect for sauna heaters . It has a very high density and has low thermal conductivity. Moreover, gentle steam is created in the sauna with the help of white quartzite. Among the other properties, this stone also helps cleansing the respiratory organs and saturates them with oxygen.

        Raspberry quartzite. This sauna stone has a property of heating up very quickly, is also highly resistant to high temperatures and their changes, so it does not crumble and has a long service life. Similarly to white quartzite, already mentioned above, raspberry quartzite creates a very light and gentle steam.


Exploitation of the sauna stones


It is important to pay attention to the exploitation of stones for sauna heaters when choosing the sauna stones that best suit your sauna and meet your needs. Always remember that it is crucial to consider more than just the types of sauna stones. No less important are the aspects of size, quantity, shape and the layout of the stones.

        The size of the sauna stones. The larger the stones in the sauna, the longer it takes them to heat up. Your choice should be shaped according to the type of the stove used in your sauna. If a metal stove is used, it is advisable to choose larger sauna stones, and if an electric stove is used, smaller sauna stones would be considered as a better choice.

        The amount of stones. The amount of sauna stones is directly correlated to the temperature of the sauna heater chosen for the sauna. If the temperature for the sauna is chosen at lower levels, the amount of stones should be higher, however,  if the temperature is chosen at higher levels, the amount of stones used in the stove can be lower.

        Stove stone arrangement. The stones in the stove should be arranged according to their size. The largest stones should be placed first and the smaller ones on top. It is important to leave gaps between the stones, thus ensuring optimal air circulation.

        Supervision of the sauna stones. As the sauna stones are regularly exposed to high heat and humidity, it is recommended to re-elect the stones every year and a half. During the reassembly, the stones of the sauna that have crumbled, become porous, have burned or cracked over time should be removed and replaced with new ones.


These tips should help you choose the sauna stones that will best suit your exceptional needs according to the chosen sauna stove. The choice of stones will provide you the preferred steam type and will allow you to enjoy the pleasures of the sauna.


07 May 2019

Electric sauna heaters: how to choose the right heater

If you are currently immersed in the search for a high-performance and long-lasting electric sauna heater and if you are a true lover of saunas, you can be assured that the variety of manufacturers and models of sauna heaters is large. While it’s great that there is such a large selection range of electric heaters on the market, many of you might be having a number of questions on how to choose the most suitable electric sauna heater. In order to help you choose the right electric sauna heater, we have explained some of the characteristics below.


Why choose an electric sauna heater?

If you are considering which stove to buy, probably the best option for your sauna will be an electric sauna heater. It is very easy to incorporate these heaters into the interior of the sauna, as they are extremely compact. In addition, they are highly valued by many consumers for their convenient and uncomplicated handling, easy maintenance and lower fire risk.


One of the biggest advantages of using an electric stove in saunas is that you will need just a few clicks of a button, 20-30 minutes of your patience and your sauna will be ready. This is a feature, which is appreciated by all users who like to bask in the sauna. Moreover, many of the latest models of electric sauna heaters can be set to start heating automatically at the desired time. That way, you will save even more time in the process of preparing your sauna to be ready to use. In addition, consumers can control their saunas remotely using their smartphones.


Modern electric sauna heaters offered on the market are well known and valued for their very high quality. Main manufacturers of electric sauna stoves are HARVIA, TYLÖ, EOS, NARVI or HELO.



Advantages of an electric sauna stove

        Short pre-heating up time;

        Low consumption of electricity;

        Even distribution of temperature in the sauna;

        High quality heating elements with great longevity;

       Excellent contact between the sauna stones and heating elements ensures proper steam;

        Optimal amount of space for stones;

        Extremely high performance and smooth operation;

        Very convenient control system;

        Greater security provided.


Sizing a sauna heater

First thing to do, in order to choose a proper electric sauna stove, is to consider the space of the sauna itself. Whether you will choose a small wall-mounted sauna heater or a larger floor-standing heater it will all depend on the interior of the sauna which will determine what kind of electric sauna heater you will need. Every sauna heater is different, so the power requirements will be different too. However, an average of 1 kW of power is required for each cubic metre of sauna volume. For an instance, 4-7 cubic metre sauna will require 4.5 kW of power, 5-8 / 9 cubic metre sauna will require 6 / 6.8 kW of power, 8–14 cubic metre sauna will require 9 kW of power and 10–18 cubic metre sauna will require 10.5 kW of power. These are general rules that will help you choose a correct heater according to the volume of your sauna.


Wall-mounted or floor-standing sauna heater?

The solution will depend only on your specific needs. As mentioned above, it is always important to take into account the volume of ​​the sauna, as smaller saunas are better suited for wall-mounted sauna heaters, and larger saunas are better suited for floor-standing sauna heater models.


What amount of stones is enough for an electric sauna heater?

The Finns believe that saunas must be built in the traditional way. This means that the more stones there will be in the sauna stove, the softer and more pleasant the steam of the sauna and the atmosphere of the sauna itself will be. And this is true - the more stones there are, the better. When there are fewer stones, the heater emits lower amounts of steam, which makes air in the sauna much drier. Each electric sauna heater will be different and the amount of stones required will range from 6 to 300 kg.


Can you pour water on the stones of an electric sauna heater?

Definitely yes! Water can be poured on the electric sauna heater stones and undoubtedly each electric sauna stove will emit steam too. For this reason, it is not worth listening to myths and other misconceptions about electric stoves.


So if you are looking for an electric sauna heater, you will be facing a large selection of stoves. Therefore, we recommend you to choose it carefully and responsibly, do not forget to take into account the specifics of your sauna and its other parameters.