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Electric sauna heaters: how to choose the right heater

Electric sauna heaters: how to choose the right heater

If you are currently immersed in the search for a high-performance and long-lasting electric sauna heater and if you are a true lover of saunas, you can be assured that the variety of manufacturers and models of sauna heaters is large. While it’s great that there is such a large selection range of electric heaters on the market, many of you might be having a number of questions on how to choose the most suitable electric sauna heater. In order to help you choose the right electric sauna heater, we have explained some of the characteristics below.


Why choose an electric sauna heater?

If you are considering which stove to buy, probably the best option for your sauna will be an electric sauna heater. It is very easy to incorporate these heaters into the interior of the sauna, as they are extremely compact. In addition, they are highly valued by many consumers for their convenient and uncomplicated handling, easy maintenance and lower fire risk.


One of the biggest advantages of using an electric stove in saunas is that you will need just a few clicks of a button, 20-30 minutes of your patience and your sauna will be ready. This is a feature, which is appreciated by all users who like to bask in the sauna. Moreover, many of the latest models of electric sauna heaters can be set to start heating automatically at the desired time. That way, you will save even more time in the process of preparing your sauna to be ready to use. In addition, consumers can control their saunas remotely using their smartphones.


Modern electric sauna heaters offered on the market are well known and valued for their very high quality. Main manufacturers of electric sauna stoves are HARVIA, TYLÖ, EOS, NARVI or HELO.



Advantages of an electric sauna stove

        Short pre-heating up time;

        Low consumption of electricity;

        Even distribution of temperature in the sauna;

        High quality heating elements with great longevity;

       Excellent contact between the sauna stones and heating elements ensures proper steam;

        Optimal amount of space for stones;

        Extremely high performance and smooth operation;

        Very convenient control system;

        Greater security provided.


Sizing a sauna heater

First thing to do, in order to choose a proper electric sauna stove, is to consider the space of the sauna itself. Whether you will choose a small wall-mounted sauna heater or a larger floor-standing heater it will all depend on the interior of the sauna which will determine what kind of electric sauna heater you will need. Every sauna heater is different, so the power requirements will be different too. However, an average of 1 kW of power is required for each cubic metre of sauna volume. For an instance, 4-7 cubic metre sauna will require 4.5 kW of power, 5-8 / 9 cubic metre sauna will require 6 / 6.8 kW of power, 8–14 cubic metre sauna will require 9 kW of power and 10–18 cubic metre sauna will require 10.5 kW of power. These are general rules that will help you choose a correct heater according to the volume of your sauna.


Wall-mounted or floor-standing sauna heater?

The solution will depend only on your specific needs. As mentioned above, it is always important to take into account the volume of ​​the sauna, as smaller saunas are better suited for wall-mounted sauna heaters, and larger saunas are better suited for floor-standing sauna heater models.


What amount of stones is enough for an electric sauna heater?

The Finns believe that saunas must be built in the traditional way. This means that the more stones there will be in the sauna stove, the softer and more pleasant the steam of the sauna and the atmosphere of the sauna itself will be. And this is true - the more stones there are, the better. When there are fewer stones, the heater emits lower amounts of steam, which makes air in the sauna much drier. Each electric sauna heater will be different and the amount of stones required will range from 6 to 300 kg.


Can you pour water on the stones of an electric sauna heater?

Definitely yes! Water can be poured on the electric sauna heater stones and undoubtedly each electric sauna stove will emit steam too. For this reason, it is not worth listening to myths and other misconceptions about electric stoves.


So if you are looking for an electric sauna heater, you will be facing a large selection of stoves. Therefore, we recommend you to choose it carefully and responsibly, do not forget to take into account the specifics of your sauna and its other parameters.