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Sauna hats - a necessary headgear while basking in the sauna

Sauna hats - a necessary headgear while basking in the sauna
Many of us are well acquainted with the health and well-being benefits of a sauna, however, probably not everyone knows why it is necessary to wear a sauna hat while basking.

Why is it necessary to wear a special sauna hat?
The most important purpose of a sauna hat is to provide protection for your head and hair from high temperatures during the basking process in the sauna. The difference between basking in the sauna with and without a hat is huge.
There is a considerably high temperature in the sauna, which affects the head the most during basking. Hot steam and the prevailing heat in the sauna rise up faster, so the head heats up much faster than the rest of the body - especially if a person is sitting or standing in the sauna.
Our head is the most sensitive to the heat of the sauna, so basking in the sauna without a sauna hat is considered to be quite dangerous. Exposure to heat can cause a sudden rise in blood pressure, dizziness, drowsiness and weakness, it can also cause respiratory problems, severe dryness and breakage of hair, and the opening and even rupture of capillaries on the skull skin.
All these negative effects can significantly worsen the experience of basking in the sauna. However, if your head is covered with a wool felt sauna hat, it will be protected and you will be able to enjoy the healing effects of the sauna for a longer period of time. Therefore, it is very important to understand that a sauna hat is not only a beautiful accessory, but also a necessary wear which protects our health and enables us to relax and enjoy the pleasures of the sauna.

Which materials are considered to be the best for sauna hats?
What is the best option? Certainly wool felt hats! Sheep wool carries excellent thermoregulatory properties, that is why most of the sauna hats are made of 100% pure wool. A felt hat is a wonderful insulator from both cold and heat, which means that the air under such a hat (around the head of the person wearing it) remains at the same temperature.
If you wear a hat made of felt wool or just wool while basking, it protects the hair from heat, helps maintain the optimal temperature in the area of the head and allows you to stay in the sauna for a longer period of time without any adverse health effects and without feeling any discomfort.

How to properly care for a sauna hat?
The care instructions for sauna hats are not complicated. The most important thing is to know how to care for wool. In order to wash it properly, use a mild detergent or soap suitable for wool. The best results will be reached if sauna hats are washed by hands or in a washing machine setting the wool fabric washing mode.
If there are any additional accessories attached to the sauna hat, it would be best if you could remove them before washing. When you have finished washing the hat, be sure to shape it to restore its original shape. If you chose to wash your sauna hat by hand, rinse it well with water of the same temperature. However, if your sauna hat needs special care, this should be written on the hat label - otherwise it will be very easy to keep them clean.

To sum up
Just buy a sauna hat and you will see how it will immediately become an integral part of a safe basking process in the sauna. It will not only help you feel the real pleasure of warming up in the sauna, but will also protect your health and make you feel much more comfortable.