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Selecting lights for your sauna - how to choose correctly

Selecting lights for your sauna - how to choose correctly

With decent  lighting you will be able to create a more cozy and soothing atmosphere and at the same time ensure greater safety. Nowadays there are numerous options for lighting the sauna, so it can be difficult to make decisions. Here are some tips on how to make the process of selecting a design for your sauna lighting wiser.


Which lighting to choose?

What is considered to be a better choice for sauna lighting: atmospheric or more brightly lit? In this case, you will be the judge as it all depends on your preference. While listening to advice might always be worth doing, the final decision will have to be yours, as it is going to be your sacred place and only you know what brightness of lighting would suit your needs the best.

However, there are some basic rules to help you determine how much light might be needed for your sauna. Lighting is an important element that can affect the mood, however, safety comes first, so it is always necessary to comply with the established requirements for a certain amount of light. Moreover, the need and amount of light can directly depend on the people bathing in the sauna - it may not only be the matter of taste. As an example, a 60 year old person needs twice as much light to see as good as a 20 year old person. Probably,  the most convenient solution in this case will be to install a dimmer. This way, every person basking in the sauna will have the opportunity to adjust the brightness of the light according to their needs.


Interior lighting is a final touch to the design of sauna

The arrangement of lights in the sauna is a very important factor that determines the atmosphere in the sauna. The basic rule is to illuminate the sauna, not the people basking. Light in the sauna can be brought in many ways. Therefore, it is useful to consider whether you feel more comfortable when the light is coming from the ceiling or from under the benches? Or perhaps you prefer a combination of these two solutions? Would the spot light or indirect evenly distributed luminaires suit your needs the best?

There may be places in the sauna that are worth lighting only for the sake of safety and convenience. Such places are stairs, benches, water tanks, measuring meters, etc. The choice of lighting is also influenced by the colors cohen for the interior. For example, if the same luminaires are installed in a light or dark sauna, white light might feel too light and darker light may appear too dim.


LED lights or fiber optic lights?

Safety requirements must be taken into account when designing your sauna lighting. These days, the most popular lighting technologies are LED and fiber optic lights, as well as their various combinations. Lighting elements must be chosen thoroughly and thoughtfully so that the chosen lights correspond to the electrical installation of the sauna.

Fiber optic lighting can be designed without restrictions for the place as there is no electricity in the optical fibers themselves. Meanwhile, the installation of LED lighting is limited, especially since there are places where LED luminaires must not be installed at all, as an example, around a sauna heater. LED luminaires should be at least 50 cm away from the sauna heater in both directions. Stove lighting can only be designed using fiber optic lights.

By properly installing the lighting in your sauna, you will ensure greater safety standards, increase the functionality of the sauna, create a more comfortable environment which will help you enjoy the pleasures provided by the sauna.