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Electric stoves are necessary for the sauna

Electric stoves are necessary for the sauna

Electric sauna stoves are the perfect choice not only for saunas themselves, but also for houses and farms. They are convenient, easy to install and do not require special ventilation. An important advantage is that they save energy and are environmentally friendly.

Sauna electric stoves are very diverse. So, you need to choose according to the parameters of your sauna, of course, and personal expectations.

Choosing an electric stove 

When choosing electric stoves, it is necessary to pay as much attention as possible to their parameters. Also, be sure to be interested in innovation. Often, modern stoves, like any other sauna equipment, will be more expensive, but the advantage is that their capabilities are much greater, so at the same time, you will be happy and have a better bathing experience.

● The size of the sauna. The stove must be powerful enough to heat your sauna. Never buy an underpowered oven. You will definitely regret it. It is already better to buy a more powerful one, which seems to have a "power reserve".

● Desired temperature. Some ovens can reach higher temperatures than others. Again, even if it appears to be reaching very high temperatures, it is better to have a reserve as well.

● Features. Some ovens have additional features such as an integrated steam generator or a remote control. More innovative stoves are more expensive, but they can ensure that the use of the stove will be simpler, more convenient and at the same time with more possibilities.

● Price. The prices of electric sauna stoves can vary from several hundred to several thousand euros. You can save by following promotions.

You can find electric stoves here.

Use of an electric stove

Using electric ovens is very easy. They work by themselves. The key is minimal maintenance that will ensure your stove performs perfectly.

● Before using for the first time, be sure to read the operating instructions of the oven. In it, the manufacturer presents in detail the most important types of use of the stove, possibilities and other parameters that you should know.

● Make sure the oven is plugged into the correct electrical outlet. Make sure that the electrical wiring in the sauna is of good quality.

● Do not pour water on hot stones. Under no circumstances should you do this when the electric stove is nearby.

● Clean the stove and stones regularly. Neither equipment nor stones are demanding. However, to maintain functionality, you need to clean it regularly. Plain water is also perfect for this. It is possible, of course, to purchase chemistry adapted for this purpose.

● Do not use the oven if it is damaged. Many defects can be fixed, so look for a handyman, not a new stove.

Noteworthy models

We will discuss several models of electric stoves that are really worthy of attention and recognized by customers as one of the best.


Electric sauna stove - Tulikivi Huurre. The combination of colors and design is perfect for both dark and light sauna interiors. The large amount of stones gives off a long, moist and gentle heat. Protective distances allow the stove to be installed in beds, thus expanding the installation possibilities in the sauna room.

Electric sauna heater HELO HIMALAYA BWT ELITE FREE. The new sauna stove hides a water tank with the ingenious BWT technology, which humidifies the sauna cabin while the stove is heating the sauna. Therefore, when you get on the sunbeds, the air is already pleasantly humid, and you feel rich warmth on your skin.

Electric sauna stove MONDEX KYMI M. It is a wall-mounted stove with clear lines. The stylish perforated steel shell and 30 kg of stones give every sauna user the opportunity to bathe in a variety of ways from toes to the ceiling.

A reliable electric stove can significantly improve your sauna experience. Don't save for her. Both in choosing time and in purchasing money. A good stove will last a very long time, so it will pay off in full.