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Sauna stones - everything you need to know about them

Sauna stones - everything you need to know about them

Installing the sauna and choosing the right sauna heater are the inevitables, however, there are still a few things left to implement, so you could fully enjoy the real pleasures of the sauna. One of the things to consider is definitely related to the right choice of sauna stones. Since sauna stones can have a direct impact on the efficiency of the sauna itself, it is very important to know how to distinguish the appropriate sauna stones, how to arrange and change them.


Different types of sauna stones


Do you know what to look for in the first place when choosing sauna stones for your sauna heater? There are few important things to consider. Sauna stones must have a very good heat storage and heat transfer properties. Likewise, the stones should not crack from water and heat. Fortunately, consumers are offered a very wide range of sauna stones with the properties mentioned above as the market for sauna products is highly available these days.


     Talc chlorite or otherwise known as a soapstone. This stone is widely used for sauna stoves as it is considered to be one of the most appropriate choices for sauna stones. Soapstone has a high density, is heavy and has a heterogeneous structure, this enables it to store a lot of heat, conducts it perfectly and gives off the accumulated heat for a very long time. Likewise, the talc chlorite stone stimulates a gentle steam.

     Vulcanite. This is another popular choice of stones used for sauna heaters. Vulcanite is very durable, long-lasting, and has particularly good heat storage and transfer properties. In addition, the price of this sauna stone is considerably affordable.

     Gabbro Diabase. It is a very hard and high-density stone with a solid structure, it heats evenly, it accumulates and gives off the accumulated heat very well, has a long service life and what is most important,  does not emit any substances during the heating process.

        Jadeite. It is one of the most beautiful stones, which, among the other things, is very expensive. This greenish stone creates a light, gentle and gradually increasing steam. It is able to retain heat for a long time, does not crumble and does not crack. Another important property of this stone is that it ionizes the air.

        White quartzite. Due to its resistance to very sudden and large temperature changes this stone is perfect for sauna heaters . It has a very high density and has low thermal conductivity. Moreover, gentle steam is created in the sauna with the help of white quartzite. Among the other properties, this stone also helps cleansing the respiratory organs and saturates them with oxygen.

        Raspberry quartzite. This sauna stone has a property of heating up very quickly, is also highly resistant to high temperatures and their changes, so it does not crumble and has a long service life. Similarly to white quartzite, already mentioned above, raspberry quartzite creates a very light and gentle steam.


Exploitation of the sauna stones


It is important to pay attention to the exploitation of stones for sauna heaters when choosing the sauna stones that best suit your sauna and meet your needs. Always remember that it is crucial to consider more than just the types of sauna stones. No less important are the aspects of size, quantity, shape and the layout of the stones.

        The size of the sauna stones. The larger the stones in the sauna, the longer it takes them to heat up. Your choice should be shaped according to the type of the stove used in your sauna. If a metal stove is used, it is advisable to choose larger sauna stones, and if an electric stove is used, smaller sauna stones would be considered as a better choice.

        The amount of stones. The amount of sauna stones is directly correlated to the temperature of the sauna heater chosen for the sauna. If the temperature for the sauna is chosen at lower levels, the amount of stones should be higher, however,  if the temperature is chosen at higher levels, the amount of stones used in the stove can be lower.

        Stove stone arrangement. The stones in the stove should be arranged according to their size. The largest stones should be placed first and the smaller ones on top. It is important to leave gaps between the stones, thus ensuring optimal air circulation.

        Supervision of the sauna stones. As the sauna stones are regularly exposed to high heat and humidity, it is recommended to re-elect the stones every year and a half. During the reassembly, the stones of the sauna that have crumbled, become porous, have burned or cracked over time should be removed and replaced with new ones.


These tips should help you choose the sauna stones that will best suit your exceptional needs according to the chosen sauna stove. The choice of stones will provide you the preferred steam type and will allow you to enjoy the pleasures of the sauna.