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Wood-burning sauna stoves: a traditional and noteworthy choice

Wood-burning sauna stoves: a traditional and noteworthy choice

It has been known that sauna was used by people for several thousand years and its positive effects on human health are unquestionable. Historical sources show that people could have been using the sauna even in much earlier times than 7000 years BC. This extremely popular way of spending leisure time is deeply rooted in the culture of many countries.

While in the modern times, many consumers opt for solutions based on modern technology for sauna installation, still, no one can replace a wood-burning sauna stove. After all, such a stove is probably the most reminiscent and brings up the atmosphere prevailing in the old baths. And this is not only due to the heat iself, but also due to the crackling of firewood, the glowing fire, the special smell of burning wood, which allows us to enjoy such a unique and ancient sauna-like environment. The heat emitted by the wood-burning sauna stove is very soft and pleasant, has a soothing effect and helps to create a unique sauna atmosphere.


Advantages of a wood-burning sauna stove


In order to help you decide, we would like to introduce you with some of the many advantages wood-burning sauna stoves provide.


No electricity required


First of all, the wood-burning sauna stoves do not require any electricity. For this reason, it makes the installation process much easier, as you can choose almost any place you want to install your wood burning sauna stove - even where there is no electricity. In addition, the stove will also not require any heating elements that might otherwise wear out and would eventually need to be replaced. And although wood might not be the cheapest option, by choosing a wood-burning sauna heater you will not need to pay increased electricity bills, and the sauna will continue to operate continuously even if the electric power is lost.


Significant health benefits


In a traditional sauna, such as one with a wood-burning sauna heater, the prevailing temperature is much higher and the humidity level is much lower (almost 30%) compared to steam baths, where the humidity level is 100%. In addition, in such a sauna blood circulation is improved significantly and similarly tension and stress is reduced at a higher rate. The body and skin are effectively cleansed while sweating through open skin pores during basking. This helps the body to recover in a much more quick manner. However, different types of saunas have different specific advantages, so the choice is up to you.


Creates great atmosphere for communication and relaxation


A traditional and nostalgic environment can be easily achieved, especially when a wood-burning sauna stove is used to heat the sauna. If you prefer to bask in the sauna with a larger group of people or if it is an integral part of various celebrations or gatherings of family and friends, the use of a wood-burning sauna stove could be a perfect choice for you. The bursting of burning firewood, the soothing flame of fire and the unmistakably pleasant smells altogether create a special atmosphere that relaxes, enchants and is perfect for the time we spend socializing with family and friends.