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Accessories for saunas: what do you need?

Accessories for saunas: what do you need?

Do you want to make the most of the sauna and feel only the best experiences while in it? Then you need to pay attention to the details. Of course, a properly equipped sauna is the essence, but if small details are coordinated in it, you can use the sauna to the maximum

Accessories for saunas are intended not only for beauty, but also for improving functionality. What else does your sauna need?

Sauna stones

The sauna stones are placed on the stove and heated. They generate steam when water is poured on them. There are different types of sauna stones: granite, slate and basalt. It is true that the stones are not only intended to give the bathing process more functionality, but also attractiveness. Even if the stones will not be used much during the "cooking" of steam, it will decorate the sauna - really a lot. For many, it is one of the most important decorations of the sauna, which seems to give meaning to the rituals performed here


SAWO SAUNA LADLE 68M, CEDARLadles are used to pour water onto the sauna stones and create steam. Ladles are often made of wood or plastic. It can be a great gift for a bath. Choose engraved ladles or get plain ones and engrave them with words that will only be meaningful to the recipient.


Swabs are used to beat and massage the body in the sauna. They are often made from birch branches or eucalyptus leaves. Again, this is not only a functional, even necessary attribute of the sauna, but also a tasteful decoration. Some buy shingles not only for whipping, but also for hanging on the wall. You can soak the shingles in essential oils, which will emit a pleasant aroma from the heat.

Sauna hats

Sauna hats are worn on the head to protect the hair and scalp from the heat. This is one of the most important attributes during bathing. Some wear it just for beauty, but the far more important benefit is protection. They are often made of wool or felt.

Sauna thermometers

Sauna thermometers are used to measure the temperature in the sauna. It is important to make sure that the temperature of the sauna is safe. Choose ones that not only show the intensity of the heat, but also decorate the environment. Even several thermometers can be combined when creating interior decor.


Hourglasses are used to keep track of time in the sauna. Most commonly used are 15 or 30 minutes. It is known that time can be measured with many different devices. This may lead one to wonder why such an ancient calculation methodology is chosen. Precisely because it is archaic. And where is the most tasteful presentation of the watch. With it, the environment will be much more magical. Again, this can be a great gift for a bather.

Sauna lighting

Sauna lighting is used to create the atmosphere of the room. It is important to choose lighting that is neither too bright nor too dark. Neutrality, simplicity, and coziness are usually sought in the sauna. It is created by properly selected, not too bright and aggressive lighting.

Sauna gloves

We offer special sauna gloves to protect your hands. They are made of felt, which fits nicely against the skin. It not only warms them, but also moisturizes them.

Pouring tubs

Hot tubs and tubs are made of natural materials that decorate and provide comfort and at the same time provide an opportunity to cool off after hot steam by pouring cooler water on yourself. Such a contrast is very useful for the human body, it strengthens the immune system.

Accessories for saunas can be bought for yourself or as a gift. As a gift, it is the perfect sign to a loved one that they are well known. Most of the time, there is no better gift for a sauna enthusiast than one that is related to the sauna. And believe me - the sauna attracts you and you usually don't let go.