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Suitable for ovens with a tunnel less than 356x530mm.

The portal is designed for Kinos through-the-wall sauna stoves. It is assembled on site from several elements and hung on the wall using special fasteners. The portal makes the glass stove door look like a real wood-burning fireplace and decorates the room from which firewood is loaded into the firebox.

The material from which this product is made is the Finnish soapstone. It has a special structure, due to which it is able to accumulate a lot of heat. Another valuable quality of this mineral is its slow heat release, which creates a very pleasant atmosphere in the room.

The front surface of the stone can be subjected to different types of processing:

TBH brushed, reveals the texture of solid inclusions;

Nobile - a velvety surface with shining magnesite crystals visible;

Grafia gives a spectacular surface with an unusual pattern.

Rigata - more ribbed surface

Order the portal when buying a Kinos stove or add it to your existing sauna heater.

Product images are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the actual product.

Aprox. delivery date:
Aprox. delivery (working days): 14-30

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