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Jadeite Sauna Stones 10-15 Cm, 10kg, Chrushed

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Jadeite - a stabilizing stone with positive energy concentrated in humans : jadeite strengthens the nervous system, regulates arterial pressure, soften blood vessels, improves blood composition enhances potency, cure kidney and urinary tract diseases. Features stronger jadeite hostages.

The Imperial jadeite stone is hailed as the only semi-precious stone, suitable for saunas. This stone baths in Lithuanian still considered a luxury news. 

Bath stone jadeite regarded for its properties. It is emphasized that the human body positively treated and operates from Jadeite distinguished silica acid with anesthetizing, anti toxic and inflammation -dampening effect. 

Argued that durable for jadeite boulders or volcanic rock. How many stone serve depends on how often drawn bath. However, a simple stone is recommended to change every 2-3 years, while jadeite is used longer.

But the stone can not be contaminated: the stone does not enter essential oils or herbal infusions perfumed water (evaporation flavorings are special stones built on or hung vessels) and beer. Contaminated stone fresh smell of the impurity stones "stubborn" and no longer needed to heat circulating air spaces.

After some time the stones need an overload, remove debris, decomposed stone healthy change. 

From the stone depends on the method used for heating the stone shape, size and type. Metal stove heats the casing stones planes, so the stones must be placed no more than two layers on the heated surface. The stones should be large - a fist- sized (10-15 cm). They are good warm up from thermal accumulate enough heat to steam.

Stones are heated in electric ovens electric heating elements arranged in the stone tank short distances from one another. This ensures a uniform heating of the stones. There used smaller stones - from 5 to 7 cm.


world known only to a few places, which are found in the rare semi-precious mineral non Vulcan origin. The main suppliers are Burma jadeite and Russia;

Jadeite rocks hiding in a transparent green cores - valuable, precious, jewelry for jadeite, jadeite so the exact original location is secret and protected;

expensive to find veins, a huge bar is cut and then quenched in small pieces. They are also valuable, and discarded, processed and used in baths and saunas;

jadeite popular for more than 6,000 years;

jadeite healing power is most effective at wearing a jadeite jewelry making or oriental massage with this stone;

jadeite contains up to 100 times less harmful to humans, heavy metals, which are found normally used stone baths;

unique rock energy released in a number of diseases have healing powers. Jadeite heated therapeutic properties worse. Stone poured water bath diffuses a pleasant smell clean environment, it becomes easier to breathe .

Aprox. delivery date:
Aprox. delivery (working days): 14-28 working days.

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