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With a single firing, the Kinos sauna stove provides a soft, comfortable sauna experience and an atmospheric fireplace for your home. The Kinos sauna stove is fired through a door that opens into a room next to the sauna. In other words, you do not need to go into the sauna to add wood while heating it. A soapstone sauna stove frame can be installed around the large glass door of the heater, turning the firebox into a modern and stylish fireplace.

Technical details

Dimensions: H×W×D (mm) 900 / 500 / 600

Sauna volume, m3 8 - 20

Weight (kg) 300

The maximum capacity of stones (kg) 40 - 60

Fire chamber cover (mm) +

Diameter of smoke outlet (mm) 115

Minimum safety distances, mm (ceiling / sides) 1000 / 200

Stones are not included.

Aprox. delivery date:
Aprox. delivery (working days): 14-30

Tags: Woodburning, sauna, heater, Huum, HIVE, WOOD, WOODBURNING, SAUNA, STOVES, HUUM

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