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The Steel chimney SAU, Set 0.5mm D115mm

  • Brand:SAU
  • Product Code:SAU05115
  • Aprox. delivery (working days):14-30
  • 380.00€

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Modular lightweight stack design for sauna heaters, and other wood-burning oven, the exhaust gas temperature exceeds 600 ° C, ie, high-temperature ovens.

CE - marked.

Stainless steel.

In the package you will find: 

Double-wall chimney 115/215 mm L-1 m - 1pcs

Double-wall chimney 115/215 mm L-0.5 m - 1pcs

Upper nozzle (with canopy) 115/215 mm - 1pcs

Bottom nozzle 115/215 mm - 1pcs

Holding clamp 115 mm - 1pcs

Holding clamp 215 mm - 3pcs

Chimney 115 mm L-1 m unit - 1pcs

Master Flash (set) - 1pcs

Finishing plate 215 mm 87* - 1pcs

Additional materials (wool L-0.20 m) - 1pcs

Blown mineral wool 50 mm, density 180 kg/m3

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Aprox. delivery date:
Aprox. delivery (working days): 14-30

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