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A fan that creates a circulating effect for heat and steam, and quickly fills the sauna with uniform warmth.

Saunas with stagnant air become low-contrast and humid, as the evaporation of sweat (moisture) from the skin leads to a gradual buildup of moisture in the air around a person, just like in an unventilated room. The presence of air currents makes the sauna contrasting, capable of delivering powerful waves of scorching steam and quickly drying out.

That is, a sauna with circulating air can be either steamy (mostly for short periods) or dry (for long periods), depending on the spatial distribution of air currents.

-Powerful and quiet motor: the fan is equipped with a powerful motor that provides a strong air flow and is virtually noiseless
-Easy to use: the fan has a control panel that allows you to adjust the speed and turn on/off the LED backlight
-Long battery life: the fan can operate for a long time without recharging / up to 5 hours at maximum speed /
-Enhance your sauna experience with our versatile portable fan. And if you are going on a hike, traveling, or just enjoying nature, our fan will provide you with coolness and comfort

-Power: 10.0 W
-Voltage: 5 V
-Fan material: plastic
-Number of blades: 5
-Number of speeds: 3
-Timer function: 1,3,5 hours
-Built-in ring LED backlight: 3 power modes
-Charging time: approx 4.5 hours
-Operating time: 8–27 hours
-Battery capacity: 10,000 mAh
-Battery indicator
-Power bank
-Package weight: 0.73 kg
-Package size: 185*185*150 mm

Package Contents:
-Portable stand, spruce
-Type-C charging cable

-The fan can only be installed on the floor in the sauna
-The fan cannot be used in steam saunas and hammams
-Direct water contact with the fan is not allowed
-It is not allowed to charge the fan in the sauna room
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Aprox. delivery date:
Aprox. delivery (working days): 14-29 working days.

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