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Sense Combi Elite is one of our latest combi heaters – giving you a dry sauna, wet sauna and steam in a single heater. The heater has both standby mode and “divided output” to make your sauna experience energy efficient. In addition, it includes the highly affordable Elite  control panel. Choose between 6.6, 8 and 10,5 kWs of power and between wall mounted or upright heater with legs as an option. With three different power sizes, Sense Combi Elite  is suitable for a sauna room from 4 up to 18 m³.
With “divided output”, the total power is only used during the heating time, the heater then automatically switches to saving mode and maintains this level for the entire bath. With “divided output”, you get up to 30% lower energy consumption.
Included with the heater is the Elite control panel which is a thermostatic control panel with touch control, for positioning either outside or inside the sauna room. With Elite, you control the temperature and humidity level on a scale of 1–10, as well as the lighting and time. Measurements: 86 x 86mm. IP88.
All of Tylö’s heaters provide very quick heating of the sauna room – up to half the time compared to other heaters. The unique Tylö design with twin side air chambers is a very effective heat spreader – a normal bath temperature of 80°C can be achieved in only 25 minutes.
Stones are not included.

Elite Cloud control panel

The new control panel Elite Cloud has been updated with cloud-based functionality so you can control your sauna from anywhere! Why not have it ready when you come in from the ski slope or an exhausting car ride on the way home from work. It is packed with advanced features, thanks to its internal processor and operating system. In addition to highly personalized settings, the Elite Cloud can be individually programmed according to your own schedule.
Add features such as auxiliary fans, fragrance pumps or lights – the Elite Cloud control panel handles it all with clear and concise precision. The 4.5-inch touch screen delivers real-time status on every aspect of your sauna and steam bath. Needs to be completed with a door contact for cloud functionality.
Download Tylö Control™ app in App-store and Google-Play or use Program for PC.
Elite Cloud is compatible with both steam and sauna. The Tylö Control smart phone app provides full mobility.
With the Tylö Control app, you are always in control. Whether you’re reading in your favorite chair or in the backyard mowing the lawn.
Control your sauna and steam functions via your local WiFi-network. Use your PC or mobile device for full flexibility.

Electric heater technical details:
Product code: 61001580
Output, kW: 10,5
Sauna room min - max size, m3: 10-18
Measurements (HxWxD),mm: 559 / 431 / 375
Weight, kg: 20
Stone capacity max, kg: 20
Minimum safety distances (ceiling / sides): 1030 / 300
Supply voltage, phase: 400-415 V 3N~/3~ (C) / 230-240 V 3~ (B)200-208 V 3~ (B) / 200-208 V~ (A) / 230-240 V~ (A)
Fuse A: 16 / 32 / 28
Connection cable, mm2: 2,5 / 10 / 10
Control unit: TYLO ELITE

Aprox. delivery date:
Aprox. delivery (working days): 14-29 working days.

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