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LINDEN SAUNA LINING 15x90 (81)mm 1800mm - 3000mm, 1 m2, A class

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  • Aprox. delivery (working days):14-30
  • 20.00€

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Price for 1 m2.
Thickness - 15 (mm)
Width - 90 (mm)
Coating width - 81 (mm)
For example:
6pcs 1800mm =  = 0.87m2
6pcs 2100mm =  = 1.02m2
6pcs 2400mm =  = 1.16m2
6pcs 2700mm =  = 1.31m2
6pcs 3000mm =  = 1.45m2

1m2 price for 1800mm - 32 eur
1m2 for lenght from 2100 to 3000mm - 38eur
Warning! Original product might be slightly different in color than on a picture!

Wood quality: Class A- wood with possible small and dim spots.

Attention: the unloading of cargo longer than 2.4m must be taken care of by the customer.

Aprox. delivery date:
Aprox. delivery (working days): 14-30

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