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Saunum Leil Plus 1.1 Mobile, In-sauna control unit

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Saunum Leil Plus is designed to be installed inside the sauna. This state-of-the-art heat resistent sauna controller lets you preheat your sauna to be ready when you are. According to sauna data, Leil 1.1 optimizes the sauna’s heating
time, reducing energy consumption. With three adjustable sauna modes, you can activate the heater with just a few taps on the screen. As Saunum Leil also supports our AutoLeil automatic water dispensing solution, you can now
operate and adjust this feature directly from the installed touch control panel. A ModBus integration option has also been added for connecting the device to smart homes.

Touch control panel
Saunum Leil Plus is a inside the steam room control unit that you can use while relaxing in your sauna.

Remote control
With the Saunum Leil Plus Mobile Set, you can control your sauna anytime and anywhere. You just need to pair the Saunum Leil application with your Leil Plus Mobile Set that is connected to Wi-Fi network. Sauna notifications are displayed on the user’s mobile phone screen.

Power unit
Temperature selection: temperature 40‒100 °C
Heater run time: adjustable up to 12 hours
Climate control 3 speeds.
system: NB! Only use the climate device when you are in the steam room.
Pre-setting the sauna: 3 pre-set sauna modes (temperature,
duration, climate device speed)
Sauna duration includes heating time that is approximately 1.5 hours, depending on your sauna
Sauna scheduling: choose the “sauna ready” time and sauna type. Repeating function
Notifications: the sauna is ready, the status of the heater, door is open, overheating protection applied

Languages: the menu offers a variety of languages
Safety: screen lock
Dimendsions: 83 mm x 104 mm x 19.3 mm
Heat tolerance: kuni 100 °C

Supply voltage: 230 V 3 N~
Heater power: up to 9 kW/ 12 kW (for higher power an
additional contactor must be used)
Safety: door sensor and overheating protection

Dimensions: 260 mm x 160 mm x 61 mm

Aprox. delivery date:
Aprox. delivery (working days): 14–30 working days.

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