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Saunum Pro Experience electric sauna heater, 12kW

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Saunum Pro Experience unique heater with a sauna climate regulating system is ideal for creating an extraordinary sauna session in a more intensively used sauna. The large stone volume of Saunum Pro Experience and the patented air-blending system ensure exceptional steam that is soft and long, and evenly distributed throughout the sauna. The innovative steam mixed with cooler air allows you to breathe easier and enjoy the sauna without feeling fatigue and headaches. Using different heater settings, you can create a 5-in-1 spa solution, which allows you to transform a classic Nordic sauna into a sauna enriched with salt ions, a mild relaxation sauna, a humid-steam rich sauna, and a relaxing aroma sauna.

Technical details:
Power of the heater 12 kW
Sauna room 10–14 m3
Min I Max height of the room 2100 mm I 2400 mm
Min safety distance from the heater:
Sides: 50 mm
Front: 50 mm
from stones to ceiling 1250 mm
Included: heater, climate device, salt balls 7 pcs
Stone basket closed
Colour black
Climate regulating system 3 speed levels, vent adjustment

Height of the device Adjustable, 1800–2400 mm
Depth and width of the device 455 x 470 mm
Weight 48.5 kg

Additionally required:
Heater stones Ø 10–15 cm 105–120 kg
Fuse, 3 phases C20 A
Power cable, 3 phases 5 x 4 mm2
Power cable for the climate system With Saunum Leil control unit 5 x 1,5 mm2
Control unit: Saunum Leil or Saunum Leil Mobile
For the aroma sauna: Saunum Sauna Oil Set
For steam diverting: Saunum Experience Steam Deflector

Aprox. delivery date:
Aprox. delivery (working days): 14–30 working days.

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